Oceans Graduate Institute Registration requirements


Before you proceed, you need to have the following information/documentation ready (in electronic PDF format):

  1. A certified copy of your National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi (or equivalent) with endorsement for entry into Bachelor Studies;

  2. A certified ID Document;

  3. If you have obtained other qualifications, for example a NQF Level 4 National Certificate (Vocational) with endorsement for entry to Bachelor studies, you are requested to submit a certified copy as well.

  4. Your personal details

  5. Your current residential details

  6. Details of person responsible for the payment of study fees

  7. Next of Kin Details (e.g. father, mother, spouse)

  8. High School or equivalent Secondary school details

  9. Details about any Tertiary education (name of qualifications, name of institution etc...)

  10. Short questions about current activities, employment, any disabilities

Please make sure to complete the registration process otherwise your registration will not capture correctly!

This mean you need to reach the button 'Completed...Go to main site', and click the button to complete.