Mission of Two Oceans Graduate Institute

The decision by the Two Oceans Education Foundation to establish a teachers training institution is embedded in the vision and mission of the Foundation itself.

The vision of the Foundation is to:

• Provide quality education for all;

• Educate and empower learners from impoverished backgrounds;

• Establish free and low cost community schools in less-privileged communities.

The underpinning principles and values of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute are:

• To train prospective teachers from a faith-based and values-based point of departure;

• To inculcate appropriate norms, values and attitudes for the effective teaching of children;

• To deliver graduates who can interpret education against the background of the broader South African context with specific reference to the diverse socio economic needs and cultural contexts of various communities;

• To deliver graduates who will create equal opportunities for all learners, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, in order to develop their innate leadership abilities.