History and Background

Background of Two Oceans Graduate Institute (TOGI)

Two Oceans Graduate Institute (NPC) is a private higher education institution situated in Cape Town in the beautiful Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. The Institute is provisionally registered with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training as a private tertiary institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Registration certificate No. 2017/HE08/001). The provisional registration is valid until 31 December 2019. It will be amended to full registration in the beginning of 2020 upon the successful submission of an application for re- accreditation with the Council on Higher Education.

At present the primary focus of Two Oceans Graduate Institute is to train teachers for public and private primary and secondary schools in a variety of contexts. The day-to-day operation is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of a chief executive officer and two executive directors. The institution is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of four executive directors and two non-executive directors.

Two Oceans Education Foundation

The mission of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute is directly integrated with the work and contribution of the Two Oceans Education Foundation. This Foundation was established in 1984 with the explicit purpose of providing basic education to learners in the Western Cape region, especially to those in disadvantaged communities in and around the Cape Peninsula.

The Foundation has been instrumental in establishing several private schools in various communities. The purpose of these schools is upliftment through the provision of quality education. A strong focus is placed on leadership development as well as on post-school education and training. One of these schools, established in Manenburg in Cape Town in 2011, provides free education to academically gifted children from a community with considerable socioeconomic shortfalls.

Against this background, the Foundation saw the need for teacher training. During 2012 the Foundation took the decisive step towards establishing a private higher education institution with the primary purpose of training teachers. After a process of broad consultation with government bodies, higher education institutions, stakeholders and experts in the field, the Foundation applied for the accreditation of a B.Ed. (Intermediate Phase) qualification in September 2012. The result was the establishment of the Two Oceans Graduate Institute.

This initiative accords with the work of the Foundation in the provision of quality education within the context of diverse educational and socioeconomic needs. The decision to commence teacher training at the Intermediate Phase reflects the desire to contribute to the improvement of education in primary schools. Providing quality teaching in the primary school sector, focussing particularly on literacy and numeracy competence will have far-reaching benefits for learners in secondary school as well as post-school, tertiary education.